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Enterprise Development History
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  • In 2021, the mechanical industry standards of "Technical Conditions for Mechanical Seals of Rubber Bellows" and "O-ring Rubber Rings for Mechanical Seals" were drafted. Passed the evaluation of the management system of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and was rated as a four-star cloud enterprise by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Information Technology, and the workshop was rated as an intelligent workshop. Pneumatic Seals Industry Association Industry Technology Progress Second Prize, elected as the third president of Zhangjiagang Seals Industry Chamber of Commerce.
  • In 2019, as the first drafter, he drafted the chemical industry standard of "Technical Conditions for Wave Springs for Mechanical Seals", and as the main drafter, he drafted "Technical Conditions for Sprayed Chromium Oxide Seal Rings for Mechanical Seals", "Test Specifications for Mechanical Seals for Kettles", " Test method for gas leakage of mechanical seals for kettles" chemical industry standard. Successfully accepted the 1100-hour operation test of the HL800A water jet propulsion device sealed in the company's laboratory.
  • In 2018, the company won the third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, passed the GJB system certification, was rated as AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprise, and obtained the Suzhou famous brand product certificate. Participated in the revision of a number of standards, and as the main drafter drafted the industry standards of "Light Mechanical Seals Part 1: Technical Conditions" and "Light Mechanical Seals Part 2: Test Methods". Passed the review of the excellent performance model and won the Suzhou Quality Award.
  • In 2016, the company passed 8 patent applications. The third-level unit of the safety production standardization of the military industrial system has reached the standard. As the main drafter, he drafted the national standard "Types, main dimensions, materials and identification marks of mechanical seals".
  • In 2013, the company held the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the factory and the inauguration ceremony of the new plant, and the high-parameter comprehensive laboratory was built. The company won the "National Innovation Fund (Key Project)" and "Zhangjiagang Science and Technology Support Project", was included in the "National Torch Program", and obtained 3 authorized invention patents. The company was identified as a "post-doctoral innovation practice base".
  • In 2012, cooperated with Jiangsu University to establish a "Postgraduate Workstation", passed the review of "High-tech Enterprise", and won the "Second Prize of Zhangjiagang Science and Technology Progress", "Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center", "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Technology Innovation Enterprise" , the word "Huaqing" was rated as "Suzhou Enterprise Well-known Name" and moved to the new factory area. As the first drafter, he drafted the industry standard "Mechanical Seals for Submersible Pumps".
  • In 2011, the company's products won the "National Torch Plan Project", recognized as "Jiangsu High-tech Products", and approved the "Technological Innovation Project of Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". Elected as "Mechanical Seal Chamber of Commerce President Unit".
  • In 2010, the company changed its name to "Jiangsu Huaqing Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.", the company's trademark was rated as "Jiangsu Famous Brand", and the new factory started construction. Established "Suzhou Huaqing Mechanical Seal Engineering Technology Research Center" and won the "China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seal Industry Association Industry Technology Progress Award".
  • In 2009, it passed 8 patent applications, and was recognized as "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise" and "Private Technology Enterprise", obtained "Zhangjiagang Research Project", and was rated as "Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation". The company's trademark was rated as "Suzhou Famous Trademark" and obtained the type approval of China Classification Society.
  • In 2008, the company obtained 3 high-tech product certifications, 12 patent applications, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of China New Era Certification Center, and established a "measuring physical and chemical room".
  • In 2004, due to various business needs, Zhangjiagang Huaqing Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and at the same time, it operated mechanical seals, smart instruments, metal hoses, etc.; at the same time, it obtained the first batch of national production licenses for mechanical seal industrial products.
  • In 2000, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of Moody's company, and was elected as the "director unit of China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seal Industry Association Machinery and Packing Static Seal Professional Branch".
  • In 1997, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Huaqing Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd. was registered and established. At the end of the year, the former Zhongxing Town Farm Tool Factory was acquired, which laid a fixed base for the company's development.
  • In 1993, Mr. Wen Yonghua founded the predecessor of Jiangsu Huaqing - Zhangjiagang Yonghua Seal Factory.
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