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HU5 Type Single End Face Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seal

  • HU5

Product model : HU5

Structure Features:

        The size of HU5 type mechanical seal conforms to the DIN24960 standard, and the back-to-back installation also conforms to the DIN24960 standard double-end mechanical seal. It is a partially balanced, rubber bellows, single-spring, and single-end structure. The moving ring is driven by the interference of the rubber bellows. Well, the spring also acts to transmit torque.

        The friction pair material and auxiliary sealing material can be selected according to the actual working conditions.

Available Range:

         Sealed medium: liquid waste of grains , oil , sewage water .

         Pressure in the sealed chamber : ≤1.6Mpa 

         Temperature in the sealed chamber : -20℃~140℃

         Linear velocity : ≤10m/s

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