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HU2 Type Multi-spring Single Mechanical Seal

  • HU2

Product Model : HU2 type

Structure Features :

    The size of HU2 type mechanical seal conforms to ISO3069, DIN24960 and GB/T 6556 standards, with strong interchangeability, and can replace imported mechanical seals such as 59U and M7N. Auxiliary sealing ring can choose rubber O-ring, PTFE V-ring, PTFE wedge-shaped ring according to user needs. The transmission sleeve is independent of the shaft rotation, the pressure is uniform, the multi-spring compensation, the unbalanced structure, the moving ring part is pre-assembled into one, and the installation is simple.

    The friction pair material and auxiliary sealing material can be selected according to the actual working conditions.

Available Range :

     Sealed Medium : water, oil, acid, alkali, salt  and non-crystalline agent, etc. 

     Pressure in the sealed chamber : ≤1Mpa 

     Temperature in the sealed chamber : -20℃~220℃ 

     Linear velocity : ≤15m/s

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