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Carbon Floating Ring Seal

  • HQ-TH Shaft Seal

Structural Features:

       Carbon Ring Seal is a flow resistance-type mechanical seal that depends on the effect of seal gap flow resistance to limit medium leak. It is mainly used for industrial equipment shaft seal such as draught fan, air blower, compressor and centrifuge. Its characteristics are simple structure, easy to install, works reliably, easy maintenance, no need complicated lubricating and cooling system. It can dry run. Seals consume lower power and a small heat. It cannot be barely affected by shaft vibration and traverse.

Application Conditions:

      Generally, it seals gas medium and can be injected isolated gas or spacer fluid for inflammable and explosive toxic gases. Pressure should be higher than medium pressure 0.5~1 bar. This can achieve zero leak of medium.

      We can choose a combination of a various form of sealing rings according to customers' requirements.

Available Range:

     Shaft Diameter: 40~340mm

     Pressure: vacuum~5bar

     Temperature: -20~200(500)℃


     Sealing Ring: carbon

     Metal parts: stainless steel(detetmined by working conditions)

     O-Ring and gasket are chosen according to working conditions.

Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of mechanical seals and auxiliary systems, marine stern shaft seals


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