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API682 Standard Mechanical Seal

  • HQCT-(J)

Model : HQCT compact cartridge mechanical seal for pump

Structural features :

        HQCT type mechanical seal is a cartridge seal. Since the spring and the medium are not in contact, it can be widely used in the working conditions containing impurity particles. It has two types of sealing structures: single-end face and double-end face. HQCT-SE is a single face seal with flushing port, HQCT-QE is a single face seal with pressureless quenching, the design is the same as HQCT-SE, the single seal has a lip type carriage oil seal on the atmospheric side, and the sealing end cover has There are flush ports and quench ports. 

       HQCT-DE is a double-face seal, two-way balance, requires the use of a spacer fluid system, and does not need to add a circulation device.

Operation ranges :

       Applicable medium : oil , water , acid , alkali , salt and other corrosive medium.

       Temperature : -40 ~ 200 ℃

       Pressure : ≤1.2MPa 

       Linear speed : ≤10m/s

Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of mechanical seals and auxiliary systems, marine stern shaft seals


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